Can You Pass This 1885 High School Entrance Exam?

In November, released a massive report on education in America.

While going through the findings, they posted this entrance exam potential High School students had to take.

Below are the arithmetic and algebra questions from the 1885 high school entrance exam in Jersey City, NJ. In order to enter high school, students had to score at least 75%. A copy of the full test and the names and scores of all passing students are shown in this footnote.[170]

So get ready and no cheating….


If a 60 days note of $840 is discounted at a bank at 4½% what are the proceeds?

Find the sum of √16.7281 and √.72¼.
The interest of $50 from March 1st to July 1st is $2.50. What is the rate?

What is the cost of 19 cwt. 83 lb. of sugar at $98.50 a ton? What is discount? A number?

Divide the difference between 37 hundredths and 95 thousandths by 25 hundred thousandths and express the result in words.

The mason work on a building can be finished by 16 men in 24 days, working 10 hours a day. How long will it take 22 men working 8 hours a day?

A merchant sold a quantity of goods for $18,775. He deducts 5% for cash and then finds that he has made 10%. What did he pay for the goods?

A requires 10 days and B 15 days to do a certain piece of work. How long will it take A and B working together to do the work?

By selling goods it 12½% profits, a man clears $800. What was the cost of the goods, and for what were they sold?

A merchant offered some goods for $1170.90 cash, or $1206 payable in 30 days. Which was the better offer for the customer, money being worth 10%?

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