Deaths From California Measles Outbreak


This past winter there was a measle outbreak in California and it spread to a few states. Judging from social media and news, you would have thought an asteroid was about to hit the earth. The hysterics were asinine and produced great fodder. Smugness ensued with people posting articles such as “A Letter from a Mother to Mother’s of Unvaccinated Children” and lecturing about vaccines.

Measles outbreaks happen every year and this year the California incident was no different. But along with the hysteria, claims of children deaths popped up. Investigative journalist Sheryl Attkinsson contacted the CDC for a final death count:

According to CDC, there are no child deaths reported as a result of the California outbreak.

CDC reports there were no deaths among adults, either.

Clearly, CDC considers reports which claim or imply deaths as a result of measles from the California outbreak to be factually incorrect.

Final count of those who got measles from this outbreak……136.


  1. Of Course, there are no deaths. This is FEAR MONGERING to sale vaccines. More vaccines and antibiotics are coming down the pike. The WHO. ORG Marketing Plan is to make Trillions of middle class families and to make sure trillion keep coming in Mandates to Focus on Congress and State Legislatures to mandate vaccines. The TTP Trade Agreement is going to bring in an inflow of vaccines produced in other countries….some of them are our enemies. Russia, Korea, Cuba, China who wants us to pay back our debt to them. Congress and the State Legislature Buyers Be Ware. This could be the Genocide of Americans. Do You think MERCK is going to care when they began with Hilter in world war two.



  2. My friend’s daughter did die in February from complications due to measles that she was exposed to on a visit to Disneyland in late December…facts are not always correct. Not vaccinating is irresponsible parenting. There is no scientific data by any of the studies conducted in this country and others that show a link to any medical condition caused by vaccinating children. In the meantime, cases are on the rise, children who cannot be vaccinated are at risk, medically fragile children are at risk, the elderly are at risk and parents continue to listen to the FEAR MONGERING peddled by Hollywood and the internet. You have a lot of information that makes absolutely no sense in your post.



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