Who Qualifies for the Army?


Former Florida Congressman Lt. Colonel Allen West recently posted a scathing piece denouncing stereotypes military recruits face in segments of American society. Within the piece he outlined some interesting stastitics the Army faces in recruiting future soldiers.

Here is the breakdown:

The recruiting pool for the U.S. Army is individuals between 17 and 24 years old. 71 percent would not qualify to join the Army.

What are the major disqualifiers? First, some 31 percent cannot join because of multiple felonies and other moral issues such as drug use or other law violations. The other major category that disqualifies 17 to 24-year-olds is lack of fitness/obesity and other medical issues.

Only two percent can’t qualify for the Army now due to aptitude/academic issues, so the major disqualifying points have to do with moral and physical standards.

Here are the numbers broken down of the qualified applicants:

Now understand, of the 29 percent who could qualify, here is the breakdown that LTC Patton and his staff shared with me. Only 15 percent of individuals age 17 to 24 have any interest in joining the military.