United States YTD Interest on Debt Payments

Month of August Interest on Debt payment was $27,093,517,258.24. Fiscal YTD payments now stand at $411,217,855,816.94. There is one fiscal month left for 2014.

Soure: Twitter page @USGovtInterest

CDC Stats of Children Born to Unwed Mothers


In 2013, 40.6 percent of babies (1,605,643 out of 3,957,577) born in 2013 who were also born to unmarried mothers. Since 2008 the births of babies to unwed mothers has topped 40% or higher. Compare this to the 1940 number of 3.8% with it only jumping to 5.3% 20 years later in 1960. Once the welfare programs of the “Great Society” were introduced in the mid 60’s the number of unwed mothers having babies jumped to 14.3% by 1975.
From 1983 to 2008 the percent of unwed mothers having babies went from 20 to 30 percent.

The reason babies born to unwed mothers is critical to watch with a nations economics is because historically this group gets government benefits in the form of welfare, WIC, housing, etc. Even the government has stated this in a recent report:

In its latest annual report to Congress on “Welfare Indicators and Risk Factors,” the Department of Health and Human Services pointed to the high rate of births to unmarried mothers, saying “data on nonmarital births are important since historically a high proportion of welfare recipients first became parents outside of marriage.”
“Historically a high percentage of AFDC/TANF recipients first became parents outside of marriage,” said this HHS report.

To back up the governments statement on this is earlier in the month it was reported that the US Government welfares roles had grown to 109 million citizens.

Hat Tip to CNSNews for the data.