Wall Street Journal: Indianapolis Colts an unwatchable team


Bad news for the Indianapolis Colts,

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson TV Show Tanks in Ratings


The most brilliant man on the entire planet [sarcasm] debuted his new tv show “Star Talk” this past Monday, April 20th. So how did Neil DeGrasse Tyson do in the cable ratings? He didn’t even register in the Top 100 shows on cable TV for the entire day per TV By the Numbers.

I find this a bit funny considering whenever I meet his fanatic fan base I get lectured about how popular and smart of a guy he is. So who did the cable viewers decide to watch at the 11 p.m. hour instead of this messiah of science?

– Family Guy
– Fast n Loud
– Modern Family
– King Of Queens
– Friends
– Conan
– True Life

But don’t worry, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will redeem himself this week by interviewing militant social activist Dan Savage…… [more sarcasm]

Rose and Sugar Bowl TV Ratings Blow Up

sugar bowl

TV ratings are in for the first year playoff system games and there were a lot of people who tuned in. Here are the latest numbers from TVline.com:

At 5 pm, the match-up between Oregon and Florida State — despite being the most lopsided Rose Bowl contest since 1948, with a final score of 59-20 — drew 28.16 million total viewers, up 51 percent from last year.

Then at 9 pm, O-H-I-O State’s 42-35 victory over Alabama drew 28.27 million viewers, surging 150 percent from last year’s Sugar Bowl.

This is good news for ESPN who is reportedly paying $470 million annually to host the semifinal games of the College Football Playoffs.

Walking Dead Season Premiere Explodes in Numbers


Last night AMC’s show “The Walking Dead” made its season return and did not disappoint in tv viewership numbers along with social media. Via TV By the Numbers:

The season five premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” delivered the highest ratings in series history. The episode was watched by 17.3 million viewers and 11 million adults aged 18-49, increases of 7% and 6%, respectively, over the season four premiere, the previous record-holder. “The Walking Dead” continues to be the #1 show on television among adults 18-49. Last night’s episode outperformed everything else on television in this key demographic, including Sunday Night Football, by over 2.5 million adults 18-49. With time-shifted playback, the season five premiere should exceed 22 million viewers.

The season five premiere of “The Walking Dead” was the series’ most talked about episode ever, dominating social media activity for all of scripted television in 2014 as well as for the night. The premiere telecast garnered a total of 1,320,056 Tweets, making “The Walking Dead” the #1 new season drama premiere for 2014 in terms of Tweets and the #1 series premiere of 2014 in terms of Unique Authors. “The Walking Dead” is also one of the only shows in Twitter history to have had all 10 trending topics in the United States pertain to the show simultaneously. On Facebook, the day of premiere saw more than 7.7 million users driving more than 32.1 million interactions related to “The Walking Dead.” For the past four weeks, “The Walking Dead” has had the most engaged Facebook page of any television program, with 15 times the engagement of any other program on premiere day.