Texas Ranch For Sale: $725 Million or Best Offer

Per Associated Press:

One of the largest ranches in the U.S. and an icon for Texas horse and cattlemen has been listed for $725 million, marking the end of a decades-long courtroom battle among the heirs of cattle baron W.T. Waggoner, who established the estate in 1923.

The estate includes the 510,000-acre ranch spread over six North Texas counties, with two main compounds, hundreds of homes, about 20 cowboy camps, hundreds of quarter-horses, thousands of heads of cattle, 1,200 oil wells and 30,000 acres of cultivated land, according to Dallas-based broker Bernie Uechtritz, who is handling the sale along with broker Sam Middleton of Lubbock.

I did a little calculating on what a 30 Year Mortgage would be on this property if you put a $30 Million dollar downpayment on it and secured a loan for 4.25%. Your monthly payments would be just a shade over $3.4 Million a month.