U.S. Military Veteran Tells of How Bad Communism Is

The other day I was engaged in some conversation with a man about the social affects of what Communism brought to countries. We started discussing the old Soviet Union. In short, Soviet Union historically engaged in disinformation. One example was the government told Russian’s that America would stage “traffic jams” or “large gatherings” if saw the events on tv. He decided to share this story with me of what he experienced in dealing with people from the old Soviet Union. I am paraphrasing the story.

I was stationed in North Carolina in 1975. The U.S. decided to bring over some Russian troops to train with us for a short time. One weekend we had some down time so my Colonel decided we should take the Russian guys out to party. We took them to a dance hall and partied for a little bit. The Russians came up to us and stated we had staged the scene and it was all propaganda. My Colonel took the guys outside to his car, reached into his glove box and slammed a map of North Carolina on his car hood. He demanded that the Russians point to any city on the map and he will take them there and show that many other bars exist with people gathering. The Russians chose a city hundreds of miles away. So we started that way and stopping at several bars along the way. The Russians were completely blown away in what they saw and they also got pretty drunk.