Teens Getting Driver’s License Declining

drivers license

I was running some errands this morning and caught Glenn Beck on the radio. He was discussing some societal trends that related to economics and brought up the fact that 19 year old people are declining in getting their drivers license. Here is what he said:

Nineteen year old people getting driver licenses has declined to 65%. Down from 93% just ten years ago.

This is a big drop so I decided to look up this decline and found the Washington Post wrote about it in 2013. Here’s what they found:

Back in 1983, about 87 percent of 19-year-olds had drivers’ licenses. But in 2010, only¬†69.5 percent did.

They also cited reasons in a survey of why they didn’t obtain the license and here is the breakdown:

37 percent said they were either too busy or didn’t have the time to get a license.

32 percent said that owning and maintaining a vehicle was just too expensive.

31 percent said they could hitch a ride with someone else if needed.

22 percent said they’d rather walk or bike.

17 percent said they’d rather use public transportation.

9 percent said they were worried about driving’s effects on the environment.

8 percent said they could work or communicate online.

7 percent cited disability or medical problems as their main reason.