Floyd Mayweather’s Contract Demands: Gummi Bears & DJ’s


If you’re going to book Floyd Mayweather for a fight it takes more then a big payout to get him there. You also have to make sure his visit is up to his liking.

Contract details of his demands were leaked when his Australia fight was cancelled. Here is more from The Sydney Morning Herald. One can only imagine what he demanded and received for his Manny Pacquiao match up.

Mayweather’s rooms in Melbourne and Sydney had to be stocked with Cristal champagne, gummy bears, M&Ms, fresh fruit and juices.

the fighter demanded that both hotels have a barber skilled in cutting African-American hair available 24-hours-a-day. He also wanted a butler, chef, makeup artist and a women’s hairdresser on call.

Mayweather’s 31-person entourage – which included a Miss Universe winner, personal DJs, a mascot, agent, security guards, personal assistant and other assorted hangers-on – required a full floor of rooms.

Later in the evening, the nightclubs Studio 3 and The X-Studio would have to turn over the stage to Mayweather’s personal DJs – DJ Jaybling and DJ Efeezy – for the entire time he was there.

Any breach of these conditions would have been punishable by a steep fine.


Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight Projected to Gross $250 Million

It has been years in the making but the much anticipated Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight may happen this year according to the Associated Press.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he’s ready to fight Manny Pacquiao next May in a long anticipated bout that would be the richest ever in boxing. In an interview on the Showtime network from a fight card he was promoting in San Antonio, Mayweather for the first time called for the fight to happen and even gave a date – May 2. It would likely gross at least $250 million, and Mayweather’s purse alone would be more than $100 million.