Financial Blowout: Kids’ Sports

Today, a growing portion of parents are in a spending frenzy on their kids athletics in just a small chance they go onto college or professional in a sport.  Continue reading →

CHART: Boy Sports Brings In Majority of Revenue for Indiana High Schools

The Indiana High School Athletic Association financial report is out and boys bring in almost 60% of revenue. Continue reading →

Ball State Students Stumble Upon Economics


Ball State athletics has an annual budget of over $17 Million a year. After revenue is collected from tickets, teams paying the University, parking, donations, etc it still has a budget shortfall of $11 Million. Enter the students. Fees are tact on to their tuition to make up this shortfall. Students did not realize this like this one:

“Wow, I wasn’t aware of that,” Ball State freshman Macon Shroyer from Selma

All the MAC schools are doing what Ball State is doing.

The vast majority of students in the Mid-American Conference, of which BSU is a member, are “flat-out stunned” to learn how much they pay in athletic subsidies, says David Ridpath, associate professor of sports administration at Ohio University, who surveyed 3,243 MAC students.

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