It’s OK To Disagree On Politics

As I sift through the write ups and social media posts about the coming mid term 2018 election, I cannot help but grit my teeth at the cancerous nostalgia comments of “coming together”. Differing opinions is what actually makes the United States thrive.

Government policy should be taken more serious than what it is. Voters should be challenged at the policies they have supported in the past as we deal with their horrific outcomes. The underlying sentiment is growing in despair and anger each year. Name a policy and the cultural belief is shifting rapidly. The Baby Boomers will tell my generation (Gen X) of the virtues of Social Security when poll after will show a different picture that Gen X see’s it as a busted system built on lies in terms of financing. Media will skip Gen X and cater to the newly established Millennial’s and get their “hot takes” on what type of American society we should have based on feelings and incestuously broken down European socialistic governance theories.

American politics is growing with the lecturing class as well. Citizens who have enjoyed their whole lives in safe and culturally homogeneous suburbs will lecture about oppression. Fatalistic guilt complex of forever being sad in how America was founded has been the mainstay for the last four decades by many. Soccer moms who have had no brush with the criminal world of America will scold gun owners about “safety”. Politicians from failed states like California and Illinois will lecture financially sane states about the virtues of their third world finances. Men dressing as women will lecture biological women about being a woman. People living in gigantic homes and who own a fleet of cars will lecture millions about energy use in their pursuit of controlling weather patterns under the guise of “environmental justice”. Politicians and government employees from all levels of government will lecture about “shared sacrifice” to a populace that makes less than them financially in the private sector.

And the list above could go on and on.

Government policy is serious policy. You need to have a choice what is in a bill and what is not. Whether it is “tax reform” or how small town USA is going to pay for new sidewalks, the policy needs eyeballed and discussed. Many rational people DO want a seat at the table to discuss sane and reality based fixes to issues. They want mature discussions without perimeters that can attack an issue from all angles. The beauty of it, sometimes there is no “middle ground” or “compromise” because the stakes are too high in the outcomes of policy being implemented.

Unfortunately today, the politically mentally unfit have taken up the seats at the table.


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