America’s Descent Into Third World Culture

The growing segment of Americans who are becoming tolerant to the negatives of third world cultures is becoming worrisome.

While taking the summer off from blogging (because social media “algorithms” continue to take hold and the “Mueller investigation” pushes knowledgeable readers into the abyss of numbness) I couldn’t help notice the above titled trend.

After viewing the atrocious crime at the New Mexico compound being discovered with an even more hideous court decision, it made me realize America has a third world culture acceptance problem. Barely any media coverage happened due to it not involving Christianity, the NRA or President Trump.

Some reading will say, ” That’s just one story”! Fear not readers, my premise of this blog is too dive into the acceptance of third world culturalism.

– Sex In The City star Cynthia Nixon is running for Governor of New York. While she will get beat by current Governor Cuomo, nothing says progressive New York campaigning like her. Below her true feminism shows, by submitting to the political hijab.

– In St. Louis, the prosecutor hates the police so much, she figures it’s much better to not prosecute any criminal cases from 29 police officers than actually enforce the rule of law. As we all know, third world cultures cannot thrive with out the American family being forced to flee the political backed criminal taking over their neighborhood.

– Third world culture needs blood in the streets and the #1 city for this without ANY uproar or sense of urgency to solve it is Chicago. Here’s a gruesome stat that many won’t report.

– Doctors have regressed a tad in Detroit. Primary healthcare now includes female genital mutilation (FGM) on girls as young as 9 years of age. The doctor is a tad upset the federal government is pursuing the case.

– The hallmark of American society is education. Mix in the lower standards of third world acceptance, you get to pick between literacy proficiency rates in public schools declining to ZERO or college professor’s teaching critical thinking skills such as “Being Black Is A Disability”.

The answer to stomping out this culutre is being aware it’s happening. Action usually proceeds. Or as author Mark Steyn says, “The future belongs to those who show up for it”.

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