Doctor Puts Anti-Trump Sign Up For Patients To Read

Yet another story of “What if this happened to Obama” has manifested.

Of course the same media who wants rose petals thrown at their feet for being “journalists” are barely muttering much outrage or societal lecturing op-ed’s for their dwindling fan base to consume.

Here’s the Tweet that caught my attention:

Here’s the picture:

Now local media in Aurora, Colorado did pick up on the story. reports the doctor changed the sign.


One Comment

  1. I believe that it is safe and necessary to presume that this “doctor” would deliberately give poor care to any patient who seemed to fit the demographics who tended to vote for President Trump.

    I definately think this “doctor” should lose their license to practice and have all the cases reviewed in to determine if civil and/or criminal charges can be brought against them and their staff.



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