Parkland Florida Shooting: Time To Start Arresting The Mentally Ill

Hours after the slaughter of kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, information on the murder suspect

Nikolas Cruz started rolling out. Here’s the most mind boggling:

If a public school has to worry about potential threats from a student plus the FBI questions said student, time to put the cuffs on them and head to jail.

Two positives that will come from it:

1. The jail psychiatrist will get a decent diagnosis of what this type of person is suffering from or at least identify a future criminal. This will also send a signal to others society will not tolerate threats to a public institution such as a school.

2. This will get the offender on the FBI/state “no buy” list for firearms. The Parkland shooter legally bought his firearm. If he would’ve been properly arrested, he wouldn’t have.

American society is way too soft on threats from the mentally ill. If we have gun laws you cannot carry on school grounds, we need to extend the same seriousness when it comes to threats against children and schools.


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