A Few Dog Tips For The Christmas Season

My wife is a vet tech and helped me with this post.I’ve always asked her to help me with some tips for my viewers and she has finally agreed. It’s not a lot but two crucial ones to keep in mind for your dog or others you may know who have them or thinking about getting one.

These are the two things she has seen a lot during the Christmas season at the vet clinic:

Do not feed your dog human food. Vet clinics get bombarded from Thanksgiving to the end of the year because owners are cooking a lot of food and tend to feed their dogs some leftover turkey or ham. This can causeĀ pancreatitis in the dog and is painful for them.

Do not impulse buy a puppy. You’re out one night passing by a pet store or surfing the web and see the most beautiful puppy. The puppy would look so great with your family and the kids/spouse will think you’re the best. But then reality sets in. Doggy daycare bills, vet visits, dog food, utter destruction of property during the young years and your lifestyle is altered by having a dog. Few months later that dog is the up for adoption or in the shelter. Before you buy that puppy, think long and hard. Puppy impulse buys are rampant during the holiday season and the vet see’s an increase in them given up afterwards.

Hope this advice helps you or someone else out.

Merry Christmas!


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