Cheers: Indiana Funeral Homes Now Offering Alcohol As Part Of Their Services

Indiana funeral homes have added liquor licenses to their platform in response to clients wishes of wanting alcohol during some services in celebrating the passing of their loved one.

Betty Roberts’ mother, Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Loveland, always said she wanted her family and friends to celebrate her life when she died, not mourn it.

On Nov. 9, the long-time nurse passed away, and her children found the perfect, if surprising, way to honor Loveland’s wishes while going over arrangements for her funeral services.

The day before Loveland’s funeral, her loved ones gathered at Scott Funeral Home in Jeffersonville, laughing and telling stories about Loveland’s volunteer work and her trips to far-flung countries.

In their hands, they held beer and wine — drinks provided by the funeral home.

Scott Funeral Home, ran by brothers Aaron and Billy Scott, obtained its liquor license in March. The certification gives the business the ability to independently offer beer, wine and liquor to their customers.

Since getting their license, the funeral home has held around one service a month that’s featured alcohol in some way.

Alcohol at funerals is part of a larger trend in the industry, Aaron Scott said. Families are moving more toward cremation, which means they want more memorial services. Food and drink at those services usually follows.

Scott Funeral Home isn’t even the only one in Clark and Floyd counties to offer alcoholic drinks at its services.

Kraft Funeral Services in New Albany started offering adult beverages and food to its families as far back as five years ago, said Drew Kraft, the funeral home’s manager. Recently, the number of people taking advantage of the service has increased “five or ten fold.”

“There’s always been food as part of visitations and funerals in the area,” he said. “But it’s becoming more prominent to have kind of catered events or parties that are part of the service now.”

Read the rest here at Indiana Economic Digest


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