American Law Enforcement Turning To Israel For Active Shooter Training

Sending police officers overseas to train with Israeli forces may become a new trend as American police officers encounter more extreme situations.

An article over at Law Enforcement Today grabbed my attention immediately (I have training in active shootings and Islamic Jihadist intelligence). This makes a lot of sense and could help our guys and gals in the long run.

A few weeks ago, I connected with Nikki Burgett, a certified safety & security specialist and law enforcement instructor.

She’s basically a cop-training American badass.

She’s putting together sponsors and funding to bring a group of LEO’s to IMI Academy in Israel this December. It’s for an Active Shooter & Lone Wolf Terrorism course, which is a full six days covering everything from enemy modus operandi, prevention methods, Krav Maga, high pressure and tension scenarios and combat and shooting methods.

Obviously Burgett believes that training is the key to preparedness.

“Every time there is an incident like the horrific one in Vegas or Orlando; the next shooters are watching, taking notes.  Every one of them has the same goal; a higher body count than the last,” she said.

She’s unfortunately right. But the truth of it is that the kind of specialized training and expertise is tough to come by. That’s why she’s putting together a team with more of a “community” focus of sorts.

“I cannot send every officer for this training, but if I can send 10 who are outstanding leaders from across the US and are capable and willing to bring the training back and disseminate it back out into the law enforcement community; then we have made a substantial difference.”

It’s definitely not the kind of “community policing” we typically talk about – but it’s a comprehensive and cooperative approach to training that could help make incremental gains in our protection.

Burgett is still assembling the team and sponsors – so anyone interested in doing either is welcome to contact her here.

“We need to always be seeking to improve upon our training, the way the threat seeks to improve his methods of attack,” she said.  “This training is some of the best in the world. Our officers need it and our nation deserves this level of protection.”



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