Obamacare Rule Just Cut Billions From Hospitals

I repeatedly say, Obamacare is so massive that basically everyone finds out what’s in the bill as it goes along.

Here’s a perfect example of the above from Axios.com:

Starting Oct. 1, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is required under the Affordable Care Act to cut special Medicaid funding that goes to hospitals for treating large amounts of uninsured patients. The cuts would total $43 billion through 2025, and the agency released a rule this week explaining how the so-called Medicaid “disproportionate share hospital,” or DSH, payments would be cut.

The Medicaid disproportionate share hospital payments technical description can be found here via Medicaid.gov. A simple explanation is it was payments to hospitals in poor areas that had high volume of patient traffic on Medicaid or no insurance at all. Hospitals in these areas will now be cutting services on “non emergency” ailments for those who visit the emergency room or push them off to hospitals farther away.

The Trump Administration is being smart in letting Obamacare play out for all to see.

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