Chicago Is Flooding Indiana With Heroin

Indiana needs to face the reality Chicago and the rest of the state of Illinois are now the neighbors who never mow their lawn or takes care of their house.

Recently, Northwest Indiana counties had to designate themselves High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area’s  (HIDTA) because of the heroin coming out of Chicago. This isn’t a shock either and I addressed the major Mexican drug cartels in Chicago running their drug trade under the eye of law enforcement and politicians.

Here’s more from Indiana Economic Digest:

LaPorte County is seeing a reduction in the supply of heroin just five months since tapping into more state and federal resources to combat the problem.

That’s according to LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd, who believes a big reason is LaPorte County having joined Lake and Porter counties on Jan. 1 in becoming a federally designated High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

“Some of our informants working the street as well as intelligence we’re getting from the Chicagoland area is indicating heroin is becoming more difficult to obtain here in Northwest Indiana and in particular LaPorte County,” Boyd said.

Local drug investigators from all three counties in the Region team up with federal and state law enforcement authorities on narcotics cases that sometimes reach into the Chicago area, where a vast majority of the heroin and other drugs flow from.


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