CHART: Married Couples Pay 74% of Federal Income Taxes 

Uncle Sam likes married couples. Unfortunately for them, it’s the wrong reasons.

Pew Research put out this graph showing married couples pay majority of income taxes. What makes it worse, marriage rates have fallen dramatically during the same time period.



  1. Sounds like BS to me. You get write offs for the kids, which single people don’t. You use the most public services, so you should be paying more and probably aren’t. Ain’t buying it. Betting single women with kids pay the least in taxes and married with kids paying the 2nd least, with single men paying the highest tax rate.



      1. Yeah – the government came out with the phony 1 in 4 university rape statistics that were debunked over and over, too. Tis more like 1 in a 1000, but Hades hath no wrath like that of a woman scorned. How about the wage gap myth, also heavily debunked because they’re comparing all men’s wages to all women’s wages like everyone should magically make exactly the same amount. Haven’t trusted government statistics for 20 years. They lie a lot to push a political agenda. They are big fat phony liars. The IRS? Come on.


      2. Yes, government has lied. But nothing backing up your claim nor is their any inconsistencies in how taxes are paid through IRS data sheets. No one gains anything from skewing who pays what.


  2. I’ll believe it when someone without an agenda or someone inclined to find a hidden agenda gets in there and dissects things. Until then, to me it’s just another urban myth. The government has screwed itself by putting out so many garbage studies fraught with hidden agendas. They’re the boy who cried wolf one too many times.



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