Google Soon Will Help You Find Parking Spaces

Sign me up! New technology from Google will locate parking spaces for you.

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There’s nothing worse than planning a trip around how long it takes, only to wind up late because you didn’t account for the 15 minutes it would take you to park. To curb this struggle, Google is beta testing the Maps Parking feature we reported on in August.

The parking feature will tell you whether parking is considered Easy, Medium, or Limited at your location, allowing you to plot out extra time for travel. Maps’ parking feature won’t show you empty spots, but simply give you a general idea of how hard a particular parking job might be. Google will depend on typical traffic for areas to determine how parking is at different times.

The parking feature is only available in the latest beta for Maps v9.44.0, which will work any device running Android 4.3 and up. Over time, Google could use real-time data from Maps users to help provide more accurate parking information. 



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