Johnsonville Brats Nearing $1 Billion in Sales

I love grilling food. Johnsonville Brats is not really a secret when using brats in your grilling arsenal of food. I probably grill a little bit more than most grillers, but have noticed the popularity of grilling growing the last couple years. Prices on grills and accessories are not coming down, even in the “dead seasons”.

So I was searching on grilling products sales and found this interesting tidbit on Johnsonville Brats:

Today, Johnsonville Sausage LLC is the largest sausage brand by revenue in the United States, with sales nearing $1 billion.

Johnsonville products are also big sellers in 40 other countries, thus giving Shelly Stayer valuable brand recognition when the grill goes international.

“The opportunities globally are endless,” she says. “I am only into this thing six months. The main goal was to sell a few grills and create brand awareness” of Johnsonville brats and its other sausages.


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