Gary, Indiana School Superintendent Gets $1,000/month Car Allowance as School System Crashes

The Gary, Indiana school system is in dire straits financially and has decided to close 3 schools to save money. The city itself is very poor. That hasn’t stopped the city’s school superintendent from cashing in on her new contract that just was approved by the school board. Here’s more from the Chicago Tribune:

The Gary School Board voted Friday evening to close three school buildings and approved a new contract for Superintendent Cheryl Pruitt.

Pruitt has headed Gary’s schools since 2012. Her new contract will run from Jan. 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019.

According to the terms of the contract, Pruitt will be paid $136,000. The district will pay her 3 percent contribution to the Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund.

It will also pay $18,500 for her retirement annuity. It will pay premiums for medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance. She will also continue to receive a $1,000 monthly automobile stipend.

This is major issue with ALL of Indiana’s public education in regards to contracts doled out to school superintendents. This one is especially troubling since Gary is in terrible shape. Just in 2015, the school was audited and found to be using money improperly provided by the federal government to feed poor kids to pay its employees. $1,000/month for a car allowance alone is out of alignment economically. Here’s how it compares with reality:

Average monthly car payment in America: $503

Median household income in Gary, IN: $27,548

Poverty Rate in Gary, IN: 38.7%

No public educator needs a car allowance while getting paid six figures on top of generous retirement benefits.


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