Indiana University running out of money

Indiana University treasurer gave the Board of Trustees a financial warning in a recent meeting.

Full story is here. Down below is an excerpt:

Financial models show that, without significant changes, Indiana University will be operating at a net loss by 2020. By 2021, the loss is expected to be about $70 million.

That information was part of a presentation University Treasurer Don Lukes gave to the IU Board of Trustees at its meeting last week. Lukes told the board the expected loss is not a new revelation.

“Last year, the numbers were rather similar,” he said.

Lukes also offered a plan to avoid the shortfall, but the report was still cause for consternation among some members of the board. Trustees asked whether goals for the university’s Bicentennial in 2020 were still feasible and whether new construction projects should be postponed. One trustee used the presentation as an opportunity to highlight the relationship between tuition and state support.


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