STUDY: Conventional farming better than organic farming for yields

America is great at farming. In fact, other nations send engineers and other farmers to see our techniques. Unfortunately, majority of Americans simply do not grasp that farmers here do “feed the world”. In the last decade a hipster trend has produced organic farming. While the notion of knowing and what is put on your food is noble, you also have to account for the scientific side of it in producing yields. Organic farming is just not producing that.

Here’s more from the American Council on Science and Health:

The authors obtained data from crop yield surveys conducted by the USDA in 2014. To control for the influence of geography, they paired the data so that crop yields could only be compared for farmers who lived in the same state.

As suspected, organic farms are not as productive as conventional ones. In fact, the overall average is that organic farming produces 20% fewer crops.

As shown above, with the exception of hay and possibly peaches, organic crops were produced at substantially lower yields than their conventional counterparts. Organic farms produced roughly 1/3 less wheat and soybean, both important staple crops. Potato production on organic farms was a whopping 62% lower.

I really suggest clicking on the link above to see the data graph the author found. Overall, the results are worrisome for the organic farmers who promote their practice as a movement that needs to replace conventional farming.

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