Survey shocker: over 80% in poverty think “work for welfare” good idea

New survey of people in poverty has provided some interesting results. American Enterprise Institute published the results. I highly recommend reading the full article here. Below are some highlights.

AEI once again partnered with the Los Angeles Times to conduct a new survey on poverty, replicating many of the 1985 questions. Like the original poll, the new survey oversampled individuals living below the poverty line in order to measure the views of the poor themselves.

American people overwhelmingly support work requirements or work expectations: 87% of Americans – and 81% of those in poverty – support requiring poor people to seek work or participate in a training program in return for benefits. This focus on self-sufficiency would seem to be a result of the prevailing belief that most poor people would rather earn their own living than stay on welfare 

the poverty rate in single-mother-led families was almost 5 times the poverty rate in married-couple families in 2014.

Indeed, a large minority of the poor themselves report that means-tested benefits discourage marriage 


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  1. I’m not shocked but happy to have these desires validated. Recently I was at a public service building and the longest line was under a sign that read Self Sufficiency. Empower the people with skills, education, opportunities and watch them rise.



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