2016 Indianapolis Colts ticket prices flat

Last year at this time, the Indianapolis Colts and their fan base were pretty positive the team was about to make a Super Bowl run. After a nightmare injury to Andrew Luck and players not working out, the team has taken a different direction in rebuilding for the next few years. Welcome to the NFL as a fan.

With that being said, I decided to head over to StubHub and check out what pricing was like for their games coming up in 2016.


The Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers visiting teams are drawing the most interest. Lowest price tickets are around $94. All other home games lowest tickets are ranging from $35 – $50. Some of these prices may change since the AFC South did a ton of spending on star players to try to compete for the division. If these teams are much improved, expect higher prices.

The Colts do have some big games on the road and be ready to pay some coin for lowest price tickets. In November, the team travels to Green Bay and the lowest price ticket is now at $204. If you are worried about it being cold during that game there is one suite left for use with a price tag of $16,000.

The low pricing overall probably reflects Colts fans embracing the rebuild. Prices should bounce back a little as the season approaches and fans see a healhty Andrew Luck in camp.

Right now maybe a good time to scoop up some tickets.


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