Social activists drive up the cost of living for consumers

We all know that one person who is an activist of sorts for some

weird food cause or planetary issue. We maybe worried about taxes or our trillions in government debt, they’re protesting the size of a cage a chicken gets shipped in.

Maybe it’s time we quit laughing at them and start paying attention to them. Actvists are making our lives more expensive. Here’s a story from the NY Post which confirms it:

Being a Costco and savings-blog devotee, I had recently seen several posts on Facebook about the fact that other shoppers had noticed the disappearance of regular eggs from Costco’s shelves.

I’m used to spending around $8 for 72 eggs, but this trip I spent almost $10 for 60.

Alas, after a little more research, I learned that the phenomenon wasn’t due to a nationwide but temporary shortage of regular eggs, but instead it was due to a decision made at the corporate level to transition to all cage-free eggs this year.

Had I known that food activists were spending its time petitioning Costco to change their egg-procurement to cage-free, I might have done a little petitioning of my own. Alas, being a busy mother of two children under the age of three, I spend my time shopping and cooking for my family instead of contacting stores about my social-justice project of the week.

Read whole post here


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