What the 60 Minutes 9-11 report missed

60 Minutes recently did a fifteen minute segment on Saudi Arabia having a hand in the 9/11 attack on America. The full video can be seen here. controversy surrounds 28 redacted pages the United States Government has deemed classified “Top Secret”.

Myself, I have probably spent more than 100 hours studying the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and 9/11. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the main mastermind while Osama Bin Laden created a network in the Middle East training terrorists from various nations including Saudi Arabia. People who work in intelligence and study Islamic Jihadist terrorism probably would not be shocked at what is on those 28 pages. There is one glaring topic that is never talked about due to political correctness: The role American mosques have in letting terrorists network throughout the country. Many mosques have questionable finances in regards to how they receive money from overseas and how it floats around. Along with that, who comes in and out of the mosques.

Fox News did a segment in 2011 on “The Secrets of 9/11”. Lays out all the players and people associated with the operation itself.


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