Ted Cruz: Why Mainstream Media & Washington Hates Him

Yesterday, mainstream media attacked Ted Cruz personally. It officially made it a great sign for his campaign. Sound confusing?

It shouldn’t in todays bias media market when it comes to politics. For decades conservatives have consistently shown how bias the media is towards its candidates. The Washington Post fired the first shots by publishing a cartoon depicting Ted Cruz 4 and 7 year old daughters as monkeys.

With all this new attention on Ted Cruz that will unfold at the beginning of 2016, the press will begin attacking the Cruz Campaign. In October an attack happened that most did not pick up on. The media did and they ran with it. It also confused many in the Republican Party of why it happened. Former President George W. Bush was at a private fundraiser for his brother Jeb and started talking about Ted Cruz. ‘I just don’t like that guy,’ the former president tells donors. Weird considering all the legal work Cruz did for Bush in the past and how the former President tries to be very private in his retirement years outside of office.

Of course if you’re a Progressive or Democrat, you will hate Ted Cruz just purely on policy. This much is a given. In order for people to understand why Ted Cruz pissed off a former President and will probably face attacks from media/Washington establishment types, one must go back in history and understand an horrific event:


On June 24, 1993,  14 year old Jennifer Lee Ertman and 16 year old Elizabeth Christine Peña were running late getting home from a pool party. They took a short cut that led them into area where Jose Medellin and his fellow gang members were drinking beer. Jose and his crew captured the girls, raped them for over an hour and then murdered them. Several days later, one of the gang members admitted to the crimes and all the members were arrested. Jose admitted to the murder of the girls and boasted of having “virgin blood” on his underpants. The State of Texas sentenced him to death.

In 2003, with time running out on his life, Medellin made a final appeal for a stay in his execution and which made him a victim in the international/anti-death penalty communities. He appealed his death sentence by claiming Texas authorities never let him have access to the Mexican Consulate on his rights since he was a Mexican citizen. Lawsuits were filed against the United States in 2004 by the International Court of Justice. In 2005, while the Medellin appeal made its way through the federal courts, the Bush Administration decided to get involved and sided with Mexico and The World Courts. Then Texas Governor Perry challenged the federal government and told them they had no constitutional right to do so.

Medellin’s appeal made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The Bush Administration sent their top lawyer and enjoyed public support from the international/activist community. The media played the story as a “human rights” issue. Texas Governor Perry sent his top lawyer to defend the execution……Solicitor General Ted Cruz. The Supreme Court sided with Texas and Jose Medellin was put to death August 5, 2008.

The court loss was politically brutal to the Bush Administration and called into credibility of the mainstream media. Legally, the international law community and illegal immigrant activists loss a major case that protected states from their legal appeals in the years to come.

In Texas, it shaped the resume of future Presidential candidate………







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