CBS Democrat Debate: Yeah, we don’t grasp law enforcement

This past Saturday night, the Democrats and CBS decided in the midst of some really good college football games being played and majority of America unwinding for the weekend they should hold a Presidential debate.


While flipping through multiple games and going back to the debate, I stumbled upon this question to the candidates at the debate:

The head of the FBI recently said it might be possible that some police forces are not enforcing the law, because they’re worried about being caught on camera. The acting head of the drug enforcement administration said a similar thing.

The overall question pertains to the current environment where law enforcement is constantly questioned by the President on down to the activists. The propaganda can be related to race, arrests on certain crimes like drugs and use of force. Questioning any level of government I have no beef with. What is bad is the perception and outright lies people say about police and the criminal justice system. As far as the Democrat candidates, their answers were just baffling. Before I begin, complete transcript is here. Here were some of the answers:

O’Malley: “We restored voting rights to 52,000 people” “I repealed the death penalty” “….black lives matter”

Sanders: “We need, very clearly, major, major reform in a broken criminal justice system” “We’re spending $80 billion locking people up, disproportionately Latino and African-American”

Clinton: To be fair, CBS changed the question to college activism and she really didn’t respond to the question…..but she did do the “All lives are precious and racism needs protested” verbage dance.

I really have no clue where these people were going with this question. But these candidates represent a big portion of Americans who buy into overall propaganda concerning law enforcement/crime. Many times, when government officials discuss people locked up for example drug crimes, they always use federal drug sentencing as their battering ram to show how unjust America is. Problem with that, federal prisons only represent 12% of the overall prison population. Leading expert on prison populations in relation to crimes is Manhattan Institute fellow Heather Mac Donald. She just gave an interview with the Wall Street Journal over this theory(only 4 minutes long):

Here is what our state prisons, which make up 88% of America’s prison population, are made up of in regards to crimes:

Violent offenders  54%

Drug Traffic offenders: 12%

Drug possession offenders: 4%

Other: 30%

So I hate to break the news to the self anointed criminal professors, but our law enforcement is locking up the right people no matter what the race is. While the Presidential candidates can work on federal sentencing guidelines, it is up to the states who enforce their own laws.

No President can supersede that aspect in the rule of law.


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