Prisons Are Safer Than Indiana University

Back in October, Indiana University released

results of a survey. The survey covered the following:

all students on the IU Bloomington campus were invited in November 2014 to complete a climate survey on sexual assault and related issues

Here is what they found:

17 percent of the undergraduate women and 6 percent of the graduate women participants reported experiencing attempted or completed nonconsensual sexual penetration while at IU.

29 percent of the undergraduate women and nearly 8 percent of undergraduate men participants reported experiencing some form of nonconsensual sexual touching while at IU

Normally, I scan these type of surveys with a skeptical eye. With this one, I’ll go ahead and play along with the findings. Coming from a law enforcement background I knew similar surveys have been done in corrections. I decided to compare findings. Here’s one finding from the National Institute for Justice:

In 2011-2012, an estimated 4 percent of state and federal prison inmates and 3.2 percent of jail inmates reported experiencing one or more incidents of sexual victimization by another inmate or facility staff

2012 USA Today article:

By comparison, only 3.5% of straight male inmates reported being sexually assaulted by other inmates.

It is now established you have more of a chance to be sexually assaulted at Indiana University then in prison.

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