If NFL Expands to London, Indianapolis Should Be Their Home Away From Home

The Guardian today is reporting talks between the city of London and the NFL are heating up for a potential team to be there. While chatter has happened in the past, the NFL made this visit even more pressing by sending over former players and owners:

George Osborne wants to have an NFL franchise based permanently in London within the next five years to confirm the city’s status as the “sporting capital of the world”.

The chancellor met with NFL executives, team owners and former players at Downing Street as the Miami Dolphins prepared to face the New York Jets at Wembley stadium on Sunday.

Osborne said he would “love to have a team here based in the UK playing in the NFL” and he believed Britain was making steps towards that goal. “The real prize, the real touchdown for London, would be to get a team based here,” he said.

When asked about the potential timeframe for such a move, Osborne said: “Hopefully it is something we could achieve in the next few years, maybe four or five years’ time. These things can’t change overnight because obviously teams are already based in some home cities in the States. But I am in talks with the NFL, sorting out the arrangements.

With a team in London the logistics of their “away games” obvisiously is a concern and the article states that. The team would have to be on the road 3 to 4 weeks at a time. This is where the City of Indianapolis comes in as their secondary home. The Colts complex could support another team training there and the surrounding area could house the players. There is an apartment complex right next to the facility that could be contracted out by the NFL. The Indianapolis International Airport could easily handle their flight needs and is located in such a way their flights to other cities is minimal. The most important aspect is the people of Indianapolis would welcome another team as visitors. The city may even land a few extra games in the Lucas Oil Stadium as part of their “away schedule”.

Overall I think the city Indianapolis and Jim Irsay should examine this seriously. This can be done. While some say five years is a long time away, it doesn’t hurt to start the chatter now.

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