Indianapolis Colts Training Camp


Anderson Herald Bulletin reported some economic numbers related to the Indianapolis Colts training camp. An event like this is hard to gauge on economic impact but they did have some financials:

Since the Colts training camp returned to Anderson in 2010, city officials and business leaders have said the estimated economic impact each year from the event is between $5 million and $6.5 million.

The camp does cost the city money:

Winkler said the city has also paid the NFL more than $559,740 between 2010 and 2014 to provide security at the camp. He said each year the city enters a contract with the NFL and Anderson University with each agreeing to pay a portion of the costs associated with the event.

At least $200,000 of the funds used to pay the NFL was in forgiven loan payments of $50,000 each, by the city, on behalf of Anderson University, Winkler said. The school had borrowed money from the city to pay for expenses related to the camp, he said.

The Colts also do not pay the city any money to hold the camp in Anderson.


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