NFL Owners Have Spent $800 Million On Fired Coaches Salaries Last 5 Years

Roger Goodell issued a warning to NFL teams a few weeks back to the owners on the money they spend in hiring and firing coaches. While taxpayers are usually on the hook for paying stadiums, NFL owners have a slush fund of money when it comes to running their organization. When they hire the head coach, it is usually with a belief that the team will turnaround within 18-24 months. That belief system usually creates an extremely short leash.

Now a new memo released to teams is warning NFL owners of their spending habits on NFL coach contracts:

The memo informed teams that they have paid $800 million for early firings over the past five years and included detailed spreadsheets breaking down how much each team has cost itself with a lack of patience. The New York Giants, who are paying the salaries of three head coaches through next season after firing both Pat Shurmur and Joe Judge two years into five-year contracts. The report also covers front office executives with Tennessee paying former GM Jon Robinson for four more years after firing him in November, just months after he signed a contract extension.

Mike Phillips –