2019 NFL Playoffs: How Much Do The Players Get Paid?

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend. Players contracts are set up to pay throughout the season for the sixteen games that are played.

Teams that make the playoffs, players are all paid the same(flat rate) depending on if they win or lose.

Without any concrete numbers, I’ve based the payments from years past increases. I will update as more information becomes available.

Wild-Card Round—Division Winner: $31,000
Wild-Card Team: $26,000
Divisional Round: $31,000
Conference Championship: $54,000
Super Bowl Winner: $115,000
Super Bowl Loser: $57,000



  1. Wow! What an opportunity to pad the old wallet. Wonder how much better the Chiefs or Chargers would be if they had Khalil Mack on their roster. He seems to have energized the Bears team.



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