Barack and Michelle Obama Adding A Third Mansion To Their Property Collection

After multiple decades of fighting against America’s oppressive financial system through government and activist jobs, the Obama’s have been gobbling up mansions with their new found wealth post Obama presidency.

Their first purchase was a $8.1 Million, 8,200 square foot home, in Washington DC. Washington DC is not exactly a favored summer hot spot for the government created wealthy, so the Obama’s snapped up an exclusive 30 acre Martha’s Vineyard property for a mere $11.75 Million. One thing was missing though, a winter home back in “Barry Soroto’s” ol’ stomping grounds.

The prospective property was located just down the shore in the Native Hawaiian community of Waimanalo. Wedged between the Koʻolau mountains that jut 1,300 feet into the sky and a stunning turquoise ocean, the beachfront estate sprawled across 3 acres, featuring a five-bedroom manse, gatehouse, boat house and tennis courts. Fronting the property was a historic turtle pond that used to feed Hawaiian chiefs. Local families took their children to splash and swim in its calm waters.

Unfortunately, former President Obama environmental beliefs stopped this purchase from happening….no, just kidding. The President used a multiple layered approach to get the property in order to build a home(under 7,500 square feet) right on the shoreline.

The property had one major problem though: a century-old seawall. While the concrete structure had long protected the estate from the sea, it now stood at odds with modern laws designed to preserve Hawaii’s natural coastlines. Scientists and environmental experts say seawalls are the primary cause of beach loss throughout the state. Such structures interrupt the natural flow of the ocean, preventing beaches from migrating inland.

But the sellers of the Waimanalo property found a way to ensure the seawall remained in place for another generation. They asked state officials for something called an easement, a real estate tool that allows private property owners to essentially lease the public land that sits under the seawall. The cost: a one-time payment of $61,400. Officials with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources approved the permit, which authorized the wall for another 55 years, and Nesbitt purchased the property.

The easement paved the way for building permits and allowed developers to exploit other loopholes built into Hawaii’s coastal planning system. Nesbitt went on to win another environmental exemption from local officials and is currently pursuing a third — to expand the seawall. According to building permits, the Obamas’ so-called First Friend is redeveloping the land into a sprawling estate that will include three new single-family homes, two pools and a guard post. The beach fronting the seawall is nearly gone, erased completely at high tide.

In the spring of 2015, while Obama was in his seventh year in office, Nesbitt, under an entity called Waimanalo Paradise LLC, closed the sale for $8.7 million. 

Last year, Nesbitt subdivided the property, proposing a 7,496 square foot home on one parcel and a 7,485 square foot home on the other, according to building permits, sliding just under the threshold.

Records also indicate that a 5,623-square-foot home is planned for one of the lots, as well as two pools and a septic tank.

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