America’s Future: Two Realities Based on Balkanized Science

Not one politician or public health expert can stop the divide coming in how people live in the COVID USA.

This past week was the poignant moment when I realized America will never be the same. I knew it was coming, but this was the exclamation point. COVID infections are crashing and the “vaccine” is rolling out by the millions each day in the states. Here is the moment I knew states will be divided forever, a news piece by CNBC.

Almost one year into the hysteria over a virus that most people have a 99% survival rate from, there is a massive divide with the states. Within the states, whether pro lockdown or pro freedom, there is still a debate, but the lines have been drawn and balkanization has occurred.

Whenever a nation endures some sort major rift on beliefs and events happen like a civil war or political angst, it takes decades for any sort of makeshift unity to happen. America’s mainstream media, like the above video shows, will NEVER publicly change course they started on 11 months ago. “FIRE” was shouted in the theater and the majority panicked. Few stayed back in the theater and said, “Guys, there isn’t fire” but they were ignored. Few weeks later, after the “Stay Home, Save Lives” and “Just Two More Weeks” messaging started fizzling, people started heading back into the theater and found there was no fire at all and realized they had been lied too.

America has been in a death fetish last several decades culturally. American institutions in government and education has, no matter how wrong, been pumping propaganda that the angel of death is coming in the form of “Global Warming” or a constant drum beat America’s healthcare system is terrible, as examples. Add in that we are several generations away from teaching life skills on independence and instilling any sort of work ethic. It was only a matter of time before something happened that paralyzed the nation by activating the death fetish cult. COVID is sold as if anyone who gets it will never survive. Data be damned, the death messaging must go on.

Now we are left with a balkanized country. Lockdowns with a sprinkle of lawlessness in major metropolitan cities will contribute to one of the biggest social real estate relocation shifts the country has ever seen. Social media is the biggest influencer of this. Hard to be sitting in your home in Lock Down, NY and seeing your friends, family or associates in pictures having get togethers in Non Hysteria, FL. Young children and teens who haven’t been physically in school, no social activity or sports have turned into prisoners of the Fauci Prison System. Meanwhile states like Indiana, Tennessee, Texas and so on have been back in school since summer 2020 and allowing social activities since late spring of last year.

The U-Haul trucks are gassed up and heading for freedom. Those left behind are the snotty elites who will feed off the poor who can’t escape. They will happily impose more lockdowns and publish monthly rhetoric of “This is your new life, get used to it”. Pro lockdown politicians and public health officials, along with pro lockdown voters, do not care about the decimation of jobs in the entertainment industry. The coming financial collapse of metropolitan city budgets and commercial areas are of no concern. The scene of lifeless streets and boarded up business windows is all the evidence they need that the “SCIENCE” is working.

At some point, there will be a state or two that pulls the trigger and goes full re-open. It is inevitable. Many governors and local politicians realize they can’t crash their local economy. While many may find this offensive, the COVID stats show those truly affected are the comorbid or very old. The risks will be weighed and resources distributed to those groups while most go on with their lives. Years down the road, people in the freedom states will sit around the restaurant table or back patio and reminisce of what it was like to visit Chicago or California for a getaway. Kids will here stories of how high schools used to visit NYC for school trips or what Washington DC used to look like pre Soviet fencing.

The year is 2021 and the splitting of America is now in full motion.

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