Person of the Year: Salon Owner Shelley Luther, Who Was Arrested For Opening Her Business During COVID Restrictions

Talk is cheap. There are a lot of people who take on the tough guy role in life via social media. They’ll put their job or education titles up as credentials in order to be a bad ass.

In reality, they have never gotten their hands dirty in society, produced anything of substance for this country, yet they stand on their fake mountain of toughness, claiming to be “The Man”.

Hoosier Econ is in the business of honoring real leaders and is choosing Shelley Luther, “Person of the Year”. Shelley is a Texas business owner who defied COVID lockdowns to keep her business open and stylists employed. Less than sixty days before, she was just an ordinary business owner who all the sudden became public enemy #1 with pseudoscience laws. While the majority of bad ass social media warriors went and hid in their homes, she defied the garbage laws and opened her salon back up.

A Texas salon owner who defied Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency orders and was jailed for keeping her business open walked out free Thursday to cheering supporters after the governor weakened his enforcement of coronavirus safeguards and a court ordered her released.

Shelley Luther, owner of a Salon A La Mode in Dallas, wore a mask while leaving jail less than 48 hours after a judge sentenced her to a week behind bars for flouting public health orders meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Her punishment had become a rallying cry for Republican lawmakers and conservative activists who have railed against lockdown measures in Texas, even as the state reopens at a speed faster than many others in the U.S.

ABC News

Getting the cuffs put on the wrist and heading to jail is a life changing experience. To many many people glorify it as some vacation, but it’s not. Shelley Luther weighed her options and stood up to the COVID rules and said enough.

Hoosier Econ supports Shelley Luther.

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