The “Great Reset” Starts January 2021

Back in June 2020, leaders of various platforms met at the World Economic Forum. Out of the meeting, the idea of a “Great Reset” of the worlds economy came to fruition.

No one knows exactly what is being discussed other than snippets from internet sites and the World Economic Forum. What does need to be watched is the next meeting. Here’s why:

The World Economic Forum has announced that the theme of its next Davos meeting—the most influential event that WEF hosts each year, one that features prominent leaders from a variety of government bodies, nonprofits, and businesses—will be the “Great Reset.” The event is currently scheduled for January 2021.

At the upcoming Davos meeting, summit attendees will work with a network of groups from 400 cities to develop the details of the “Great Reset” and formulate strategies for rolling it out in 2021 and beyond.

Look for verbal commitments from many countries, most will be unenforceable, but definitely watch what is being proposed.

One thing it will be, is a business plan that will not beneficial to the United States.

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