Distillers Are Capturing San Francisco Fog To Make Vodka

For $134, you can buy a limited production bottle of vodka that has fog from the Bay area in it.

Read the whole story here via MarketWatch:

How do you bottle the essence of the San Francisco Bay Area in all its fog-swept charm? Well, if you’re the distillers at Hangar 1, a California-produced artisanal vodka, you make a vodka from that very fog. The brand employs a “fog-catching netting technology,” explains head distiller Caley Shoemaker. The mist is converted into fresh water, which is then combined with Napa Valley-sourced wine. Finally, the liquid is distilled and turned into this limited-edition spirit (just 5,000 bottles), which sells for about three to four times the price of regular Hangar 1 expressions.

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