VIDEO: Boy Scouts Practice Islam

The Boy Scouts were in the news again with their recent decision to let girls become

Boy Scouts. The cultural politicization of this group is nothing new. Once they let adults in with agendas, the downfall of the program was inevitable.

As a conservative, it makes me envious of liberals tenacity once they embark on a cause to change a culture. No matter how psychologically disturbing it is, liberals as a collective go after it. Conservatives could learn a lesson from this.

One thing I remember about the Boy Scouts years ago was the controversy of them talking about Christianity. After caving to the liberal atheists, Boy Scouts painstakingly wrote about practicing the belief of God here. It basically states “We love God but you don’t have to”. In fact, here’s a weird line in the article:

All signatories are also reminded that the BSA is absolutely nonsectarian in its attitude toward that religious training.

This line sticks out with a video showing Islamic training of Boy Scouts. With all the years liberals have spent reshaping the Boy Scouts, they laid down by allowing Islam into the organization. Of course, on the diversity hierarchy tree, this is expected.

As you can see, Allah is the troop leaders main point and Boy Scouts is a distance second.

Video a Christian talking about Jesus to the same scouts, all hell would break loose.

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