2017 Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Will Be Lower

Turkey supplies are up which is causing prices to drop.

The second week of November is best time to buy your bird.

Prices per pound of frozen turkey are at their lowest in the last three years. According to the USDA, last year an average-sized frozen turkey cost about $1.20 per pound wholesale. Now that price is down to $0.95 per pound.

“Because of the bird flu outbreak prices were elevated. In 2016 you did see relatively elevated prices as well, which perhaps is a lingering effect of the outbreak on production, but nonetheless you would have been expecting prices to be increasing each quarter and they’re definitely not,” said Alex Melton, USDA Agricultural Economist.

USDA charts showed the amount of turkeys in cold storage right now compared to 2016 has also increased.

H/T WSAW.com

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