Indianapolis Colts TV Viewership Down 28%

No Andrew Luck, anthem protests and crappy overall team play are making TV executives nervous because fans not watching the Indianapolis Colts.

Don’t think this isn’t noticed by Indianapolis Colts front office staff. Local sports radio commentator JMV, who has inside news scoops on the team, repeatedly tells his listening audience that the front office is very concerned numerous times during his broadcast week. From a sports perspective, the Indianapolis market turns very quickly by not spending money or paying attention when their teams are not doing well. In economic terms, this is called a fragile market with no room for error.

So just how bad is the ratings dip? Here’s more from on the decline:

TV ratings for Colts games in the central Indiana market are down a whopping 28 percent the first six weeks of this year compared to the same period last year. 

Through Week 6 of 2016, the Colts were averaging a 32.67 rating (350,549 central Indiana households), according to Nielsen Media.

This year, per Nielsen data, the team’s ratings in this market through Week 6 have slipped to 23.48 (251,940 households).

That means nearly 100,000 fewer households are watching Colts games on average this year than they were last year. 

Much of the decline likely has to do with the fact that star Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been out all season with a shoulder injury, and the team has looked pretty bad on its way to a 2-5 start. 

Ratings were not yet available for Week 7, but it’s a safe assumption that the Colts’ 27-0 loss to the middling Jacksonville Jaguars likely dropped the team’s local viewership numbers by several more thousand households as fans tuned out early.

If Luck doesn’t come back this year—as many pigskin prognosticators are predicting—the ratings in the second half of the season could get really ugly.

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