Trucking Companies Spent $90 Billion On Fuel In 2016

Semi-trucks and their drivers are a big staple in American business.

They deliver our goods in a timely manner so we don’t have to worry about the shelves of retail stores being empty or other companies needing items to fulfill customer orders of the end product they are making. As with any business, payroll is the number one expense of the trucking industry. Behind that is fuel costs. The costs the truck driving industry takes on in fuel is enormous.

The Washington Post had a story pertaining to techniques truck driving companies are wanting to use in order to cut back on fuel costs. In it, they had this fact in just how much trucking companies spent on fuel in 2016:

Trucking companies spent about $90 billion on diesel fuel last year. Firms spend the most paying drivers, but buying diesel often is the second-biggest expense, sometimes amounting to 20 percent of operating costs.

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