Indiana County May Start Seizing Homes For Not Paying Recycle Fee

Environmental fascism has embedded within government.

Recycling itself doesn’t make a dent in the scope of the environment.But many local government officials politically force residents into these programs.

Now a legal precedent maybe taking shape if you don’t want to participate in this program, government seizing your home.

Here’s more from South Bend Tribune:

A disagreement has lingered for months about the answer to a question: If St. Joseph County residents don’t pay a recycling charge on their property tax bills, would they lose their homes in a tax sale? St. Joseph County Treasurer Mike Kruk says they would, based on his interpretation of state law.

Uncertainty about the issue has worried residents who have refused to pay the recycling charge because they don’t use the service. German Township resident Bertran Skelton is among that group. Even if his home is on the line, he doubts he’ll pay the roughly $300 in recycling charges that have built up over the years. “I’ll become a homeless bum before I do,” he previously told The Tribune.

Regardless of whether they use the recycling service, residents who live in participating areas are charged.

But Woods said that under a state statute, solid waste management districts can only collect charges “in a manner similar to the general debt of the county.”

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