Report: Indianapolis Star Newspaper Subscriptions Are Still Tanking 

Two years ago this month I posted on the slow financial death of the Indianapolis Star newspaper. I decided to dive back into financial reports of Gannett Company and see how the paper was doing.

Things are getting worse.

Here’s their 2013 circulation stats:



Here’s their 2015 circulation stats:

Their morning dropped another 18,000 subscriptions and Sunday was even worse at 21,000 in loss.

The newspaper decline is not a shock. Overall journalistic coverage is progressive and their journalists that wrote legitimate news stories 10 years ago have been phased out with snarky pretentious ones.

One example was their RFRA coverage in April 2015. The newspaper did everything possible to sell Indianapolis in a bad way purposefully. ALL their predictions never panned out and many left the paper as a result of that.

If you go look at their Twitter account today, they promote predominantly from one point of view news wise. I hardly ever see anything close to what Hoosier Econ covers.

Maybe their journalists could use a nice little shake up from some bloggers who have a different take.

Will they do it? Probably not…..

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