Do college graduation rates show “white privilege”?

As American society increasingly continues to decline intellectually on societal issues, I decided to take on the phrase “white privilege” that is floating around the intra web.

If you’re not familiar with the thesis of “white privilege”, it’s the notion that if you’re white, good things happen for you because society is just blatantly racist. In order for this theory to have any footing in reality, you have put down the activist sign and start reading actual scientific studies on social issues. This post will do just that.

So let’s take a look at college graduation rates from college via races. Here’s a stat from our friends at They tackled this in their “Question of the Day”:

Which of the following racial/ethnic groups has the highest graduation rate from 4-year colleges?

Among full-time, new college students who entered a 4-year college in 2007, 68% of mixed-race student graduated from the same institution within 6 years. This was true for 63% of white students and 52% of Hispanic students.

White privilege is NOT happening in America’s colleges and universities.

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