Indiana University newspaper: U.S. Troops taking Americans rights away

College students are an excruciating culture when comes to politics, especially newspaper writers.

Be that as it may, I still cruise college newspaper editorials to see what is being written and the tone. I stumbled upon this column in the Indiana Daily Student which is the Indiana University newspaper. On July the 6th, Therin Showalter wrote “Support our troops, not war”. Through my years of dealing with titles like this, I usually know whats coming. “I support troops………they are robots forced into [name of combat]……….Ok, they really are bad and the military sucks”.

The above column did not disappoint:

Supporting our country’s servicemen and women isn’t necessarily synonymous with supporting the actions they’re forced to take.

They joined out of a sense of duty, a moral obligation and a willingness to defend our nation and its citizens, should that need arise.

That is certainly a noble and commendable sacrifice and I deeply respect them 
for it.

Supporting our troops doesn’t mean I have to support our government sending them to places they don’t belong or killing people who don’t deserve it.

It seems to me, for the past seven decades, the rights of Americans aren’t the ones being threatened.

So before you use “killing the terrorists” to justify scoffing at my pacifism, remember our troops aren’t defending our rights. They’re creating conditions that allow for them to be taken away.

While I posted snippets of the authors feelings, there is much more in the column you should read. Mr. Showalter is lacking reality of situations in what the United States military does and what threats any nation faces. The U.S. is not immune to attacks or possible takeovers from other countries. The author does not realize the world stopped on 9/11. The average American Joe all the way up to the Prime Minister of [insert country] for hours had no clue if it was the beginning of World War III. U.S. society was shell-shocked for days trying to collect its reasoning.

Military activity is not a video game. Training of military soldiers for multi levels of combat isn’t like going to the coffee shop for a quick caffeine shot so you can study late at night. Years of intelligence studying and physical training happens for the “what if”. The author claiming the military is setting conditions for his “rights” to be taken away is suspension of disbelief.

Military doesn’t take rights away. Rights being taken away is from people like the author who support/vote for candidates like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Politicians who support and has gotten legislation passed that restrict our freedoms.

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