The world is quietly turning to nuclear energy 

If you want actual “clean energy” that is reliable, look no further than nuclear energy.

If you doubt the above statement, then you are on the outside looking in. Some recent articles have been popping up showing a potential movement towards nuclear. When Canada, Mexico and the U.S.just met recently, the countries agreed nuclear has to be a big part of cutting emissions. Here’s why:

Nuclear power plants provide about 20 percent of all electricity in the United States, and 62 percent of the country’s clean electricity.

ZeroHedge then posted financial news on Billionaires like Bill Gates sinking money into uranium because countries are expanding their nuclear energy: 

Sweden–the poster child of renewable energy, the country that vowed to become the first fossil-free state in the world–is not only choosing to maintain its nuclear fleet; it is updating them. China is building 20 new reactors, South Korea is working on four; and even Japan is restarting some of the capacity shut down after the Fukushima disaster and building new reactors.

The growth of nuclear power around the world will cause demand for uranium to surge, and uranium prices are set to double over the next two years. “Reality is finally trumping negative sentiment,” says Paul D. Gray, CEO of uranium and lithium miner Zadar Ventures Ltd“And the reality is that we can’t wean ourselves off fossil fuels without nuclear power.”

Private investors such as Bill Gates, D. E. Shaw, and Chinese billionaire Li Kashing have been pouring money in such research – and uranium mining – for years now.

Nuclear energy is about to expand across the globe. Is the U.S. ready?

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